6 Reasons Why BYOB Restaurants Are Always The Best Option

6 Reasons Why BYOB Restaurants Are Always The Best Option  

When deciding to dine out for the evening, the options are usually overwhelming. While weighing the options, many of us have to consider our budget when eating out. A tight budget could mean only going out every other weekend or skipping the appetizers at the meal to save money. However, one convenient and money-saving option is to choose a BYOB or bring your own bottle restaurant. Here are the top six reasons you need to select BYOB restaurants for your next meal.

Pick the Very Best Bottle

The fact of the matter is you’re limited when you attend a non-BYOB restaurant. The eatery may only have a handful of wine and beer selections. If you’re not satisfied with the choices, you could end up paying for a subpar glass of wine. Instead, you get to bring along your favorite wine or beer and pay retail price.

Avoid Unsavory Markup Pricing

One of the most frustrating things about ordering a drink at a restaurant is the exorbitant price tag. In many cases, you are paying at least three times the cost of wholesale. Instead of shelling out the money for one bottle of wine at dinner, you can purchase three bottles and save the rest for subsequent dinners.

6 Reasons Why BYOB Restaurants Are Always The Best Option  

More Drink Options

When you go out to eat at a restaurant, you’re not likely to find a bottle of wine for under $25. Since you’re bringing your own bottle, there’s no shame in deciding to bring the $5 bottle you picked up from the corner store. If you’re not picky about the wine, why pay top dollar?

Easy to Bring a Bottle

One of the best things about BYOB restaurants is the convenience factor. You can easily tote the wine in a nice carrier and bring home any leftovers in the same bag. There’s no need to worry about chilling the wine either since the restaurants can offer up ice and ice buckets for use while dining at their establishment. However, according to A Taste of Wine, chilling your wine ahead of time isn’t a bad idea since the wine can heat up during your travels.

Planning the Meal Ahead of Time

Another positive of BYOB restaurants is that you get to plan out your wine selections ahead of time. View the restaurant menu online to decide on the dishes you’ll eat beforehand. This can be great for selecting the perfect wine pairings.

6 Reasons Why BYOB Restaurants Are Always The Best Option  

Impress the Rest of the Crew

One of the best things about going out to eat at a BYOB is you get the opportunity to impress your fellow diners. Show off your knowledge of fine wine by sharing a bottle of the best bottle in your collection. Not only will you get to enjoy a delicious meal with friends, you’ll get thanked for introducing them to their next favorite wine.

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6 Reasons Why BYOB Restaurants Are Always The Best Option